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Registration form for Pop-up Wellness Insight Fair

(Info på svenska under engelskan) 

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Email interest to   or

Please type your name, all family members attending, telephone and email. Also, indicate which classes you want in order of interest:    

Physical Activities

Qigong breath work (Joonas)

Mediyoga hormone balans (Alexandra)

Mediyoga chanting (Mikael)

Mediyoga Mind-Body (Dr. Marie G)

Family Yoga for children 3-7 yr in English (Laura)

Family Qigong for children 3- 10 years in English (Suna)

Talks and discussions

Lao Tsu and comprehending Tao Te Chi (Joonas)

Fenshui  (Katrin)

Aruveydic food for your body (Johan)

Being Peace books (Suna)

Tarot Reading  (Milan)

Health with Natural Herbs (Sabina)

Wellness in the workplace (Johan Sjölund)

  •  registreringsformulär 
    Email intresse till eller
    Var vänlig skriv ditt namn, alla familjemedlemmar som deltar, telefon och email. Ange också vilka klasser du vill ha i intresse av:
    Fysiska aktiviteter
    Qigong andningsarbete (Joonas)
    Mediyoga hormonbalans (Alexandra)
    Mediyoga chanting (Mikael)
    Familj Yoga för barn 3-7 år på engelska (Laura)
    Familj Qigong för barn 3-10 år på engelska (Suna)
    Samtal och diskussioner
    Lao Tsu och förstå Tao Te Chi (Joonas)
    Fenshui (Katrin)
    Aruveydic mat för din kropp (Johan)
    Att vara fredsböcker (Suna)
    Tarotläsning (Milano)
    Hälsa med naturliga örter (Sabina)
    Wellness på arbetsplatsen (Johan Sjölund)

Weekend with Pamela July 12-14

Weekend with Pamela form 

Instructions: Fill out and email to 

Click Here to Download the Form


* If you cannot download the form, please copy the text below and fill in the gaps to send it to us. *


Name: Last ____________________________ First _______________ MI ______


Birth date: (year/Month/day)__________________Gender: ____male ____Female   


Nationality: ___________________________


Email Address: 1st  _______________________  (2ndemail _______________________)

Mobile Phone number: country code________ Number_______________________


Postal Address: street _______________________________________ apt ________

city_____________________  state _________ zip _________


Select one:

Weekend with Pamela staying in center's shared room .........for $444* (4044 kr )  _____

Weekend with Pamela camping on property .........................for $399* (3663 kr)    _____

Weekend with Pamela staying off property ...........................for $333* (3033 kr)  _____


*Payment options:

  1. Paypal - I will email a bill with 4% "shipping" charge to cover their fee
  2. Venmo (914-414-6186)  in USA or Swish (0727041712) in Sweden put "pamela weekend" in note and email me
  3. US check - send to Suna Senman, Grev Turegatan 46, 11438 Stockholm, Sweden

When a $120 (1110 kr) deposit is cleared in the bank, your spot is secured.  Remaining balance is due by May 30.


Workshop fee includes vegetarian/vegan/raw meals that we will create together. 

Eating preference (check all that apply):

____ Vegetarian          ____Vegan                   ___ Raw                       ___ Juice Fasts


List favorite foods:

__________________           __________________            ___________________

__________________           __________________            ___________________

__________________           __________________            ___________________

Allergies:                                 Reaction:

__________________             ___________________________________________

__________________            ____________________________________________

__________________            ____________________________________________

__________________            ____________________________________________


Additional notes:_________________________________________________________




In the center:

  1. Single bed in the "Joy" room of 5 beds in a chakra color. There are some dividers, yet the room is shared. There is an adjoining shared bathroom and a second shared bathroom on the first floor. 
  2. Single bed in the cabin.  The cabin has 2 adjoining rooms that can be closed off. One room has 4 beds. the other room is a single room. Single room in the cabin is $70 extra.  There is no toilet in the cabin. You will use one of the 2 shared bathrooms in the house.
  3. Camping on property (bring your own tent). You will also be sharing the 2 bathrooms in the house.

*note: it's summer so I usually bathe in the river. We will have a 5 minute time limit in the bathroom. Additional portable toilets may be available. 



Färila IF Camping ground (about 400 yards down the road).

  1. cabins that sleep 4 for 300 crowns per night  (about $35/night)
  2. camper spots with hook ups  150 per night (about $18/ night)
  3. camping spots 100 crowns per night  (about $12/ night)

*note: There are no linens at the camp site - just bare mattresses. You may rent sheets and towels from me for $15/pp. Blanket and pillow is an additional $15. The campsite has shared toilets and showers. 


What are your wishes and hopes for the weekend experience? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Any questions contact