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Pop-up Wellness Fair experience

The day long fair gave a wonderful energy of vibrant peace and harmony from Qigong, MediYoga, Hatha Yoga and Feng Shui. We had nice enough weather to lunch outside.   Our final 5 animal qigong practice was also barefoot on the grass. 

This was our first full event at the Freedom Center. Our collective energy feels like a sun warming and brightening the area.  

Spring is here!

The snow has melted.

 The trees are starting to show their buds.  

The river is thawed.

The days are long. 

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New Year 2019 - the flow in honouring old and creating new

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Now we are in the bright white winter nature of snow. One woman said the snow everywhere lifts her spirits. We love walking in the woods or on country roads. We can sled, "spark" and cross country skiing right out the front door. Downhill skiing slopes are 20 minutes away.   We feel that we are in winter wonderland. Christmas here was magical.  The days are short, yet the sky is filled with so many stars that it feels like swimming in the universe. 

After being in the fresh crisp winter air, coming in to sit at the fireplace with a cup of tea or hot chocolate feels so cozy.   Freedom is a home for mind-body-soul. 


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